Cyber Security Essentials Access Control 1 Day

Access Control domain covers mechanisms by which a system grants or revokes the right to access data or perform an action on an information system.

CISSP candidates should fully understand access control concepts, methodologies and their implementation within centralized and decentralized environments across an organization’s computing environment.

It's important to control access to information so that organizations can maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that information. Access controls prevent unauthorized users from retrieving, using, or altering information. These controls are determined by an organization's risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Access is one of the most exploited aspects of security, because it is the gateway that leads to critical assets. Access controls need to be applied in a layered defense-in-depth method and an understanding of how these controls are exploited is extremely important.

In this course we will explore access control conceptually and then dig into the technologies the industry puts in place to enforce these concepts. We will also look at the common methods the bad guys use to attack these technologies.

Course Content

Security Principles

Identification, Authentication, Authorization

Access Control Models

Access Control Techniques and Technologies

Access Control Administration

Access Control Methods, Accountability

Access Control Practices

Access Control Monitoring

Threats to Access Control

and more...

1. Anyone who is required to develop a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of Access Control.
2. IT consultants, managers, security policy writers, privacy officers, information security officers, network administrators, security device administrators, security engineers. Security professionals whose positions require CISSP certification
1. The course will cover key Access control methodologies, which includes authentication, authorization, and accountability, with an emphasis on controlling access to critical systems.
2. It also covers comprehensive access control mechanisms that work together to create security architecture to protect the assets of the information system.
3. Strategically focus your preparation for Access Control Exam.
4. Reinforcing key areas of the (ISC)2® CBK® through practice questions and review sessions.
Subsequently effective combating of cyber-crime will ensure internet security for government departments, public utilities, transport operators, communications service providers and financial institutions amid a surge of cyber-attacks.