Information Security Governance 1 day

Information Security Governance and Risk Management is an all encompassing domain that the information security professional must constantly be aware of. This course examines the frameworks and planning structures used to make sure that information assets are protected within an organization .

This course also examines the governance, organizational structures and cultures, and the awareness training that should be imparted to employees at all levels.

Course Content

Effective IS Governance

Scope and Charter of IS Governance

IS Governance Metrics

Developing an IS Strategy

Strategy Resources and Constraints.

and more...

1. Risk managers.
2. Security Professionals with front-line experience.
3. Security Auditors.
4. Information Security Staff.
5. Compliance Personnel.
6. Information Security Managers..
7. CSOs, CISOs and CIOs..
8. Information Cecurity Assurance Providers.
Establish and maintain an information security governance framework and supporting processes to ensure that the information security strategy is aligned with organizational goals and objectives, information risk is managed appropriately and program resources are managed responsibly.