Cyber Security Essentials for Government 2 Days

Hostile nations and non-state actors can exploit both known and unknown vulnerabilities to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the information being processed, stored, or transmitted by government systems. Threats to information and information systems can include purposeful attacks, environmental disruptions, and human/machine errors and result in great harm to the national security interests of nations

Data breaches, insider threats and security failures have made headlines in recent years and proven to be disruptive to the organisations' operations and reputation. The cyber security strategies currently adopted by most financial institutions are reactive and usually fall under the job function of an IT division.

Course Content

Key challenges Government is facing in cybersecurity?

Government Data Leakage & Exfiltration Challenges

Awareness, education, talent in government

National critical government infrastructure

Government data exfiltration by malicious insider Threats

Empowering the law enforcement agencies & judiciary combating cyber crime

Discussion, group work, presentation

Cyber Risk Clinic

and more...

This workshop is designed for all government and government agency employees in IT and Risk department. Who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding on the current cyber risk regime and practical methods to combat it.
Learn how to better protect your Government systems from data leaks, malware. Discover the latest in cybersecurity technology, how it can better protect your systems and who of your international counterparts are already using it.
Subsequently effective combating of cyber-crime will ensure internet security for government departments, public utilities, transport operators, communications service providers and financial institutions amid a surge of cyber-attacks.