Return on Security Investment - Measuring with Metrics 1 Day

In many organisations, executive decision-makers don't really care whether firewalls or sophisticated intrusion detection systems protect their company's servers and critical information assets. Rather, they want to know the impact security is having on the bottom line and before spending money on a product or service, they- want to know that the investment is financially justified.

In order to know how much, they should spend on security, they need to know:

1. How much is the lack of security costing the business?
2. What impact is lack of security having on productivity?
3. What impact would a catastrophic security breach have?
4. What are the most cost-effective solutions?
5. What impact will the solutions have on productivity?

Information security is no different -- it has to make business sense. What decision-makers need are security metrics that show how security expenditures impact the bottom line. There's no point in implementing a solution if its true cost is greater than the risk exposure.

This course presents a model for calculating the financial value of security expenditures, and will look at techniques for obtaining the data necessary to complete the model.

Course Content

Living in a Mobile World

Users and Mobile Device Management to Protect Organisations

Privacy – Small Word, Big Consequences

Protecting Your Mobile Devices

Mobile Risk Management

Understanding Risks from Colliding Generations

Getting Your Life Back After You've Been Hacked

Social Media Control and Governance

Formulating a Written Social Media Policyics

Social Media Security

and more...

1. Chief Information Security Officers (Cisos) And Heads Of Information Security.
2. Information Security Managers And Engineers.
3. Senior Internal Auditors And IT Auditors.
4. Risk Management Professionals.
5. Heads Of IT And IT Support Managers.
6. Data Privacy Managers And Specialists.
7. Heads Of Compliance, Compliance Managers.
8. Heads Of Legal, General Counsel And In-House Legal Specialists.
9. Marketing And Communications Specialists Involved With Social Media.
10. Human Resources Directors And Managers.
1. Today, nearly every individual uses some kind of intelligent mobile device and for the end user, it is important to understand the risks inherent in using these devices. The benefit is obvious, but keeping users safe in this mobile world is more essential than ever.
2. This course is designed to help learns who wish to know how to protect themselves in this new mobile world. The course explains how to protect your device, as well as the actions you should take in the event that your personal information or device is compromised.
3. Most consumers are aware of the risks that viruses and malware pose for computers, but many are not aware that smartphones are vulnerable to the same sort of harmful attacks and the lack of awareness on the part of consumers and users becomes truly alarming.