Cyber Security Essentials for the Military 2 Days

It is important for the military and defence forces of African nations to have clear awareness the danger of cybercrime, cyber warfare and all cyber evils that pose on a national security.

Such awareness help those who are tasked with the strategic responsibility of national defense to establish what the current threats are, in terms of both state-sponsored intrusion as well as independent hackers and terrorist cells, what technology is currently available and where the gaps in national protection arena.

The source of such a threat is all too often borderless and in many ways asymmetric- having a larger military than the enemy can no longer guarantee security.

With such a rapid development in cyber warfare over the last decade it is easy to become outdated, in terms of both technology and training and therefore vulnerable.

This course addresses the latest developments and initiatives in place and keep up to date with the most relevant information available in cyber security today.

Course Content

Cyber security threats to military and national defence force

Cyber security fundamentals for military

Evolving Cyber Security Threats from Emerging Technologies

Mobile Devices, Social Media and Cloud Computing

Social Media opportunities and risks in the army

Mobile Devices Risks

Cloud computing security risks for national security

Building Computer Incident Response Capability in the Army

What is cyber war then, now, ahead

Are you Ready

and more...

1. Individuals who are tasked with strategic responsibility of national defence
2. Members of national defence force at all levels
3. Chief Technology Officers
This course will enlighten senior experts, decision makers in military and defence to ensure that governments remain educated and up-to-date on current and emerging strategic cyber threats that affect national security and sovereignty.

Subsequently, such awareness helps government’s information and systems to remain secure. This is a crucial learning opportunity to bring delegates up to speed on cyber security issues which is usually reserved for private enterprises and financial institutions.
This course specifically addresses the military and defence sector delegates so that it provides a more focused agenda on the specific issues facing governments and militaries. This allows for a greater, more in-depth engagement with the relevant experts.