Cyber Security Essential for Police & Law Enforcement 2 days

Cybercrime encompasses a wide range of offences, including attacks against computer data and financial systems, identity theft, online fraud, email scams such as phishing, and the distribution of child sexual abuse images.

Crime is changing, and policing must change too. Cyber-crime allows criminals on the other side of the world to suddenly become a problem in your own back yard.

Almost every crime in a community has a cyber or technological aspect today such as— WhatsApp message, sms, a voicemail, a Facebook post, or data from a cell phone call.

The fast-evolving technologies and changing methodologies adopted by cybercriminals present a significant challenge for investigators. Police and law enforcement agencies in must strengthen their skills and ability to counter cybercrime challenges set by criminals who use technology unlawfully.

This course will help officers to take necessary steps to increase their capacity and capability to detect, investigate and prosecute cyber crime incidents.

In addition, cyber security has a direct link and implication on national security as cyber-attack in the form of espionage, counterintelligence is not committed by traditional hackers only but also by friendly or hostile nation states, organized crime syndicates, hostile non-state actors and civilians.

The 'cyber landscape' is both dynamic and borderless and forces every nation to address security and cyber-crime matters in terms of technology, international cooperation as well as individual user awareness.

Course Content

Challenges in confronting cyber-crime

Cyber-crime: Safer for the Criminal and Harder for the Police

Impact of cyber-crime

Cyber-crime perpetrated by emerging technologies

Important best practices to combat cyber-crime

Human Capital Skills development in police service

Police Information and Network Security

Community Education

and more...

This course will enlighten senior experts, decision makers in police and law enforcement agencies to ensure that their departments and staff remain educated and up-to-date on current and emerging strategic cyber-crime that affect national security, citizens well-being and state sovereignty.
This is a crucial learning opportunity to bring learners up to speed on cyber-crime issues which is usually reserved for private enterprises and financial institutions. This course specifically addresses the police and law enforcement sectors so that it provides a more focused agenda on the specific issues facing police service
Subsequently effective combating of cyber-crime will ensure internet security for government departments, public utilities, transport operators, communications service providers and financial institutions amid a surge of cyber-attacks.