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It had never been more important for a company to protecty itself from the impact of Cyber Crime, as witnessed by the recent high profile companies suffering from Cyber Attackes. African Cyber offer a range of service to help mitigate the risk cyber crime and the related finacial loss and the resulting reputational damage.

Cyber & Security Policy Development

Our experienced analysts research the client’s environment and risk tolerance and give recommendations for each policy.

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Cyber & Security Vulnerability Assessment

African Cyber Security offer vulnerability assessments that examine the three core facets of an organization’s cyber security: People | Process | Technology.

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Pre-Employment Screening

All screening is done by a qualified offender profiler. The tools we use identify high risk behaviour and possible threats prior to employment, significantly reducing risk.

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Forensic Investigations

African Cyber Security conduct cyber related, financial, criminal, medical, commercial forensic investigations with the utmost discretion & confidentiality.

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IQ & Apptitude Testing

Discover your employees strenghts and weaknesses, through our battery of cutting edge apptitude tests. We also offer this service to individuals and educational establishments.

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Penetration Testing

We test and report all potential vulnerabilities both externally and internally that result from improper system configuration, hardware or software flaws and missing patches.

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